About my work

Although I believe time usually contributes to better understanding of everything in general, itabout my work is not always the case when it comes to art. A thought , an idea and a sculpture. And a lot of thinking in between whether it should look like this or like that and what does it mean. Today I am less inclined to analize everything around me. That´s one of the few advantages of not being thirty anymore. One does not have to understand everything. Either he understood something by now, or he most likely never will. It is liberating.

With this inner freedom I approach the sculptures I have been making lately. It´s a natural process. At least at the beginning. It becomes somewhat more complicated later. Mainly I try to avoid creating barriers with unnecessary intellectual analysis. I assume inspiration comes from previous experiences, which intuitively form its shape. I accept certain contradictions, so I am comfortable  with  geometry and morphological shapes at the same time. Reflection and playfulnes.

If there is something I strive for it is a certain sense of equilibrium. Balance between order and disorder. It is a dialogue between me and the work. It´s quite noisy. I wait for the moment when it quiets down and begins to whisper.  The right moment is when it becomes silent, yet it is saying something.

From the point of view of eternity, almost nothing is essential. From the point of view of the inmediate and subjective present, even a simple banality can become overwhelmingly important.I may not  know exactly what I am looking for , but I know it no longer troubles me. When something turns out well I feel good and this feeling is addictive.

In the past I was convinced that I was not telling any sort of a story. That my work is not about narrative. I did think, however, that I needed content and a reason. Today, on the contrary, I think I need neither reason nor content – since everything in life is about a story, about narrative. Each and every experience has a story behind it and art, more or less naturally, reflects it. The story goes on, experiences continue. The appearance of the work  may change. The essence however, remains the same.